Packet Injection

Dance performance. Created in collaboration with Meg Anderson (director / choreographer) and the dancers. Performed as part of FACTS, an interdisciplinary dance crawl in Boston’s South End neighborhood, October 24 – 26, 2019. This piece features three members of Urbanity Dance’s Junior Apprentices program performing … Continue ReadingPacket Injection


Two Performers, Web Server, Mobile Web Application, Sound, Video Projection, Embedded Hardware [performance, duration: ~40 minutes] A complex network of interrelated nodes feeding into the ever-shifting tectonics of an autonomous, black-boxed, digital system, pl:2 seeks to make complicit the performer and the observer in a … Continue Readingpl:2

Field Cuts: Encounter 6

Video Projection, Sound, Electrical Stimulation, Three Performers [performance, duration: 35 minutes] Three performers move while being influenced by each other at a distance through virtual, fleeting, affective connections, made real and tactile through momentary electrical stimulation. These virtual connections are drawn between performers, connecting movement … Continue ReadingField Cuts: Encounter 6

Field Cuts: Encounter 5

Electrical Stimulation, Sound, Three Performers [performance, duration: 30 minutes] Electrically augmented movement performance. Performers influence each other at a distance, sharing their physical agency with each other, raising questions of communication, control, and affect. Created in collaboration with sound designer K. Michael Fox and performers … Continue ReadingField Cuts: Encounter 5