Video Projection, Electrical Stimulation, Solo Performer [performance installation, duration: 120 minutes] As we become more embedded in complex data networks, and as the operational mode and speed of these networks develop further away from what we can consciously access, the role of consciousness itself is … Continue Readingpl:1

Field Cuts: Encounter 6

Video Projection, Sound, Electrical Stimulation, Three Performers [performance, duration: 35 minutes] Three performers move while being influenced by each other at a distance through virtual, fleeting, affective connections, made real and tactile through momentary electrical stimulation. These virtual connections are drawn between performers, connecting movement … Continue ReadingField Cuts: Encounter 6

Field Cuts: Encounter 5

Electrical Stimulation, Sound, Three Performers [performance, duration: 30 minutes] Electrically augmented movement performance. Performers influence each other at a distance, sharing their physical agency with each other, raising questions of communication, control, and affect. Created in collaboration with sound designer K. Michael Fox and performers … Continue ReadingField Cuts: Encounter 5


Chromira Print, 90×30 inches Meghan Anderson, Processing Assistance: Gabi Sanchez Timelapse sequence compiled as three images exploring the affects of technological systems on the human body.


Chromira Print, 291×30 inches Two photo sequences exploring the affects of technological systems on the human body.