We All Fall Down

Live-streamed dance for camera performance debuted by NobleMotion Dance on August 7 & 8, 2020. Featuring 20 performers with original choreography by Andy and Dionne Noble; along with original music by Christopher Cerrone, Alex Davis, Michael Wall, and Travis Lake; and A.I.-generated video by Jeremy … Continue ReadingWe All Fall Down

Refractive Choreographies

Refractive Choreographies is a dance-video project created in collaboration with Meg Anderson, Urbanity Dance, and MASARY Studios. This work features the members of the Urbanity Dance professional company, original music by Ryan Edwards, and A.I. generated video across five movements. Refractive Choreographies was presented as … Continue ReadingRefractive Choreographies


SCP-079 is an A.I. agent that generates video in real time for audio-visual performance. Video is generated in real time using a multi-module machine learning agent which responds to live audio input. SCP-079 has performed with Liveware (Michael Century and Shawn Lawson) at Arete Gallery, … Continue ReadingSCP-079