Jeremy Stewart is a multimedia artist and performer researching the affective potential of distributed media systems through the creation of improvisational performances, artificial intelligence (A.I.) software, and wearable hardware. His work investigates the ways that technology can affect, interact with, and alter an individual’s agency, perception, and autonomy.

Stewart is technical director and contributing artist at the Boston-based MASARY Studios. At MASARY Studios, he has led the technical development and creation of a number of projects, including installations SoundSculpture, HDBPM, and Figuration, the web-based audio/visual instrument Massively Distributed, and ALOHA, a custom live-streaming platform enabling low-latency event broadcast with custom interactive components.

Stewart recently defended his dissertation in the PhD program in Electronic Arts at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, NY. His dissertation, Art of Art of Art: An Artistic Practice with Artificial Intelligence, investigates the use of artificial intelligence technologies within the context of an artistic practice, both as a technology and tool to be implemented and used for creative expression, and as a theoretical framework to be explored through creative strategies.