Live-streamed dance for camera performance debuted by NobleMotion Dance on August 7 & 8, 2020. Featuring 20 performers with original choreography by Andy and Dionne Noble; along with original music by Christopher Cerrone, Alex Davis, Michael Wall, and Travis Lake; and A.I.-generated video by Jeremy Stewart. This performance features 10 sections, each with different performers in different locations, interspersed with imagery generated by artificial intelligence (A.I.) and machine learning (M.L.) systems.

Performers: Wesley Cordova, Rachel Cox Culver, Joshua DeAlba, Brit Deveau, Julia Discenza, Rhodes Elliot, La’Rodney Freeman, Atticus Griffin, Shohei Iwahama, Colette Kerwick, Kalli Loudan, Lindsey McGill, Brit Wallis-McGrath, Genene Wallis-McGrath, Tyler Orcutt, Evelyn Toh Paoli, Lauren Serrano, and Joseph Stevens, w/Kambi Gathesha and Vincent Callero

More information can be found through NobleMotion Dance.