Left to right: Jeremy Stewart, Meg Anderson, Rob Eckel, Sam Okerstrom-Lang. Photo by Aram Boghosian.

Refractive Choreographies is a dance-video project created in collaboration with Meg Anderson, Urbanity Dance, and MASARY Studios. This work features the members of the Urbanity Dance professional company, original music by Ryan Edwards, and A.I. generated video across five movements.

A.I. generated image from Refractive Choreographies

Refractive Choreographies was presented as a pop-up video projection series in Boston, across five different neighborhoods over the course of five nights. Refractive Choreographies was seen in Boston’s South End, Chinatown, Chelsea, Dorchester, and Allston neighborhoods, at numerous locations in each neighborhood.

Refractive Choreographies 4, in Dorchester

The video works present the professional company dancers performing in a mediated environment filled with evolving digital representations of the performers projected onto the screen, as well as a growing Artificial Intelligence agent that learns from the performers. The AI agent mimics the human performers, moving with them and in response to their choreography, while producing its own inhuman artifact as a result of its learning processes.

Each piece can be viewed in isolation as a freestanding choreographic statement, where the projected dancer confronts their own consumption by digital media technologies. Over the course of the series, the artificial intelligence agents evolve and come to play a more immediate and present role in the work, with the digital representation of the human performer moving with the AI agent that has learned from each dancer’s movements and gestures.

Additional information can be found at MASARY Studios and Urbanity Dance

Another A.I. generated image from Refractive Choreographies

Directed by Meg Anderson

Urbanity Professional Company Dancers

Video & AI Programming by Jeremy Stewart

Sound Composition by Ryan Edwards

Video Projection by Sam Okerstrom-Lang

Videography / Documentation by Rob Eckel

Photography by Aram Boghosian