I maintain an active practice as a Live coder, primarily performing with TidalCycles, along with combinations of SuperCollider, Ableton Live, Max/MSP, and custom written software.

I’m interested in bringing together aspects of jazz melodic/harmonic structures, sound samples from the video game systems I grew up playing (including Sega Genesis, Nintendo, SNES, and PC games), noise, breakcore, and all manner of crunchy goodness.

Some of the places and events I’ve live coded at include: ICLC (International Conference on Live Coding) in Morelia, Mexico, 2017; the New York City Eleectroacousitc Music Festival at Abrons Art Center, in New York City, 2017; Bennington College; Bard College; Collarworks Gallery in Troy, NY; the Tech Valley Center of Gravity, in Troy, NY.

Performances with: K. Michael Fox, Dr. Ryan Ross Smith, Shawn Lawson.