Audio / Visual Installation, Isolation Chamber, Tactile Transducer


Created in collaboration with media artist Eric Miller, mmpc (multi-modal perceptual chamber) is an installation piece constructed as an audio/visual/tactile experience housed inside of an isolation chamber.

This piece is an exploration of light and sound. Along with four speakers placed around the participant’s head, a tactile transducer is installed on the seat of the installation, producing vibration and tactile feedback accompanying the sound. Additionally, an LED display (consisting of nearly 400 individually addressable RGB LEDs) is in front of the participant. Together, these forms of perceptual experience combine in a tightly synced experience that, at moments, soothing and meditative, and at others, pointed and driving.

This project is currently ongoing in its development. Expansion and updating of the visual display and sound system, as well as the integration of further methods of experience–vibrational, tactile feedback, as well as methods of receiving and integrating participant biofeedback.

Premiered at Collar Works Gallery in Troy, NY in May 2017.